JESA established its Annual Student Scholastic Bursary Program in November 2006. The goal of this program is to recognize students of Jamaican heritage who have achieved academic excellence   and demonstrated active community volunteering and participation.

Eligibility:  Qualification is based on full-time enrollment at any post-secondary institution and should commence the first semester/term following graduating from Grade 12. Selection shall be based on the following:

Must be of Jamaican heritage. Maintained a B+ average in the last two years of high school (supported by an official copy of transcript for the last two years)

Provide records of volunteering within their community and letter(s) of references from their high school.

Submit a one-page, typewritten essay describing why they should be receiving the award.

Funding derived from local businesses, corporations, individuals and JESA's fundraising activities. Presentation will be made at our annual fundraising banquet on Saturday October 29, 2022.