The Jamaica Ex-Soldiers Association (J.E.S.A) was officially constituted on June 15, 1992 in the province of Ontario. We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization operating in Ontario, Canada.

JESA’s mandate is as follows:

  •  Education - Provide scholarships, bursaries and incentives to assist the educational needs of our youth.
  •  Relieve Poverty - Provide food and other basic necessities to person in need to include relief for victims of natural disasters
  •  Relieve suffering and/or disability caused by old age, including facilities for care, maintenance and rehabilitation.

Our membership is open to all serving and non-serving members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) as well as their relatives and friends of members of the association. Meetings are held monthly to keep members informed of issues within our community and in Jamaica, and to inform, plan and discuss matters that are pertinent to the overall operation of the organization.

Over the years, we have supported many organizations, the Curphey Home in Jamaica receives a large percentage of the funds we have raised. Curphey Home which is a retirement facility for Jamaican Ex Military personnel of World War Two (WW2) and from the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).


JESA is governed by Constitution and By-Laws that are consistent with the Ontario and Canadian government regulations. We have a Board of Executives comprising of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Assistant Secretary and a Public Relations Officer. The Board of Executives plans, coordinates and administers the day to day operational activities of the organization with input from the general membership. JESA’s diverse membership is comprised of veterans from the Jamaica Defense Force and other civic minded individuals residing in the Greater Toronto Area.


What We Do

JESA’s mandate dictates the organizations’ effectiveness in raising and disbursing funds annually, as well as involvement in community activities that impact our youth. Activities throughout the year are as follows:

Sponsorship of youth groups including provision of necessary supplies
Supporting initiatives of other community organizations
Annual Black History Event
Family Day
Thanksgiving Service
Annual Scholastics Bursary Award
Annual Care and Share Christmas Program
JESA’s mandate is achieved through sub-committees that are created to plan and execute activities throughout the year. They are as follows.

• Public Relations
• Social and Fundraising



Membership is open to all ex-soldiers of the Jamaica Defence Force, families and friends. Attendance to 3 consecutive meetings and you are eligible for membership.

Benefits of Being a Member:

  • Strengthens ties to the community, broadens support network, meet people with common interests, learn and develop new skills, and exposure to neighbourhood resources
  • An opportunity to give back to your local community and your native Jamaica
  • Opportunity to gain interpersonal and leadership skills while experiencing a sense of achievement and personal fulfillment of working with a charitable/non-profit organizations
  • Exposure to other charitable/non-profitable organizations as well as civic leaders within our local community
  • Travel and participation in events with other JESA chapters outside of Canada
  • An opportunity to share ideas that will improve the overall effectiveness of the Association  http://jesa.ca/contact-us/